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It’s getting younger and younger to study in the United States

In recent years, studying abroad at a younger age has become a trend. In the general sense, studying at a lower age refers to studying abroad under the bachelor degree, but at present it is more specifically below high school. Nowadays, it has entered the era of junior high school, high school and young age. The intent of studying abroad is still concentrated in undergraduate and above, accounting for about 60%, and the trend of intention to study in each stage is stable. The proportion of students who are not in public school classes is lower, and the proportion of intentions in ordinary colleges and universities is rising. Some parents have the intention to study abroad in the primary school stage of their children.

At present, there are also many problems in domestic young international students, including preliminary planning and guidance, cross-cultural adaptation and communication, confusion and entanglement in parent-child communication, overseas guardianship and security precautions. To solve the above problems, it needs the efforts of many parties. Among China’s young overseas students, 45% have psychological and emotional problems to be solved. Twenty-five percent face transferring in their first year in the United States, which means students need to adjust to problems like new schools and relationships around them.

In addition, many international students want to get a green card, but the application for a green card is not simple, with strict requirements and a long green card schedule (also known as 绿卡排期), so many choose to entrust an immigration law firm to help them apply. There will be a lot of immigration lawyers assessment (also known as 移民律师测评) articles online, users will give introduction of each law firm about lawyers, professional degree, service attitude and so on, which are convenient for everyone to better choose. For example, Green Card Legal is a law firm specializing in green card application. Its lawyers are very professional, with warm service and moderate price. NYIS Law Firm (also known as纽约小纽律师事务所) is also very professional with good service, but its price is a little bit higher.

Another important point is that the medical insurance in the United States must be purchased. There are some insurance recommended by the school at school, but some of them are expensive and some of them cannot meet the needs of all people. At this time, many people will choose to buy some commercial insurance as f1 replacement insurance (also known as f1替换保险). We also want to choose carefully when buying insurance, choose the insurance that suits oneself most.

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